Post Mud Run BBQ

A few sundays back, on a particularly hot, steamy, clammy day, a few friends and I participated in the Merrell Down and Dirty National Mud Run. We did a 5K, in the blistering heat, and yes, there was a mud pit involved. After hosing the pounds of mud from our bodies, M and E had a bunch of people over for a bbq at their lovely home in Roxborough. I was beyond hungry after all that heated effort, so I did my best to chow down on a variety of appetizers. The veggies and hummus were great. The potato salad had bacon in it! The fruit salad had fresh cherries in it. The bean salad worked great on chips. But the star of the dip show was the mango salsa. It was delicious, but surprisingly spicy, considering the scotch bonnet pepper she’d put in there. We all loved it!

But it was a bbq, so we definitely had some grilled up meats. M took chicken and pork chops and brined them in a molasses brine. I’m going to be making this later, so I will share the recipe with you after I give it a try. The brine made the meat incredibly tender, slightly sweet, and just super moist with flavor. I could have just kept on eating! It was an exhausting day, yet still fun, and we rewarded ourselves with some excellent edible treats!

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