Slow Fast Food

I had an impromptu dinner at the H Mart food court the other day with some fam. Here’s my mom’s dolsot bibimbap. It’s a perfectly respectable bibimbap from a fast food joint. However, there is a distinctly heavy mushroom flavor to it. I do not care for mushrooms, so I’m not too into this one. They are very powerful mushrooms.
Here’s my aunt’s yukgaejang. This is one of my favorite korean dishes of all time. It tends to be super spicy, and is a soup with shredded beef. You can dump in the whole thing of rice if you want, or do what I prefer, which is to take individual spoonfuls of rice and then dip that into the yukgaejang, grabbing some goodies into the spoon. I miss my grandma’s version though, she always made a really good one. She has mad yukgaejang skills, and she can’t use them or any of her other cooking skills anymore now that she’s in a home. Oh the ravages of old age!
So then here’s where it all goes downhill. I wanted ddukpokki, sort of, but also not so much. But I was in the mood for something spicy. So I saw this haemul ddukpokki on the menu, which is a seafood ddukpokki. I love seafood, so how could we go wrong? We could go wrong by having to wait 45 freakin frackin minutes for this thing. Seriously. At a food court. My mom and my aunt had gotten their food and were done eating. We asked probably about 30 minutes into it, which was probably about 15 minutes too late to begin with. Everybody else was getting their food. But for me, nothing. So after we asked, they probably realized that they completely forgot about the order. But instead of admitting it, they kept saying oh, we’re making it right now. And of course I was thinking of course you’re making it right now, you’re going to go start making it right, you f!cks. My mom even had some cross words with them, which she hardly ever does, because she’s the nicest little old lady! But see, this even drove my mom nuts. We should have just said screw you and gotten our money back. But because I was so starving, we waited. Luckily, it was pretty damn good. But nothing is worth waiting 45 minutes for. Seriously, nothing. It’s not like I was waiting in line. I’d ordered it already and then had to wait 45 minutes to eat. So… much… frustration. I’m not going to order from that little shop ever again. They’ve always been probably the slowest vendor in the entire food court there, but this just went way too far. So never again!

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