Trader Joe’s Crispy Snacks

Lately, I’ve needed to store up on snacks in my office. Why? Because I need constant sustenance. I’m not sure what it is… is it the heat? But I’m constantly hungry. I’ll eat a big meal and drink a large drink, but minutes later, I’m hungry. If it’s not the heat, then maybe it’s tapeworm. But whatever it is, I need snacks on hand. I actually don’t typically crave terrible things, luckily, but I’ve been enjoying all these crunchy snacks from trader joe’s. These veggie chips? Delicious! They’re crispity, barely salty, and really hit the spot. It also comes in a stick variety, but essentially taste the same. They’re made out of potatoes, but they just seem healthier than regular potato chips. If you look at the nutritional info, they’re actually not that terrible. They call these “Crunchy Curls” because that’s exactly what they are. These things are curly and they’re extremely crunchy. And you know what? They’re made out of lentils. Yes, lentils! And yes, you can tell that these are made with lentils, as they taste quite a bit on the healthy side, perhaps too healthy tasting. I did enjoy these, especially the extremely hard crunchiness, but I’m not sure I’d buy them again.
But these are probably my favorite. I love these snapea crisps! I love the crispity texture of these! And I think it’s so cute that they shape them into snapea shapes, but you know they really don’t have anything to do with snapeas. But they are made with green peas and aren’t that terrible for you! Really, as far as snacks go, all of these are healthier options. And it makes me feel psychologically good that I’m eating vegetables, somewhat, when snacking on these.

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