Wedding At The Down Town Club

On the hottest darn day of the summer in 2010, I had the privilege of attending a lovely wedding for J & S. Like the priest said during the ceremony, J & S are ‘dunkin’ people, but the reception surely was not. It was luxuriously fancy! Held at the Down Town Club, right next to Independence Hall, it was down right swank.
Before dinner, we had cocktail hour with booze and food. We may have been at the down town club, but they had no qualms about serving meats on sticks.
There was sushi too!
Some sliced meats, perhaps?
These were just about the cutest things ever. It was pulled pork on top of chips that were shaped like little spoons!
Fresh fruit?  Yes. Cheese? Yes!
There were some sweet things during cocktail hour as well. They also passed around some veggie spring rolls, sliders, bacon wrapped something on skewers, and other delicious treats. And the booze was a-flowin.
Ok, onto the formal reception! The room was beautiful with incredible high ceilings. We were on top of this high rise building and there were incredible views of Philadelphia. We started with a salad of greens with a balsamic vinaigrette. The salad was great as is, but it was even better once you realized there was asparagus hidden underneath!
There were two entree selections. The first was the crabcake. Looks good. And man, they have broccolini as a side! I love broccolini!
I picked the turbinado of beef. It was great! I even enjoyed the veggies, although I avoided the shredded carrots. Let me just say something. I have to hand it to caterers. Seriously though. I have no idea how you bring out food for 200 people, at essentially the same time, and everything is hot and delicious and nicely presented. This is why I am in the eating business and you are in the cooking business. I’m very happy just doing the eating, thank you very much.
You probably thought I was going to talk next about the wedding cake. Or perhaps wedding pie? No way, jose. I’m next going to talk about the Room of Desserts! Yes, you heard it right. This wedding reception had a room solely dedicated to desserts. This lovely plate is what I decided to have. Starting from the top and going clockwise we have a cream puff (meh), chocolate dipped strawberry (yums), red velvet cupcake (my favorite!), fruit tart (ok), and a lemon tart in the middle (good). I really enjoyed this room of desserts because you could get what you wanted and didn’t have to just be forced into eating wedding cake. Even though I’m sure that wedding cake was probably quite good. And the cake was in the room of desserts as well, of course!
What else was in this room of desserts? Well, for one, fire! Fire, from the cherries jubilee. There was also a whole side of the room solely dedicated to coffees and teas.
Little mini cannolis, and lots of other mini sweet treats. There were tons of chocolate based treats.
Ice cream too!
Pies, cupcakes, and of course, wedding cake, which I totally forgot to take a picture of. Wedding cake capture fail! It was a great ceremony, fantastic cocktail hour, delicious dinner, even more delicious desserts, and a fun and dance-filled reception. Here’s to wishing J & S a happy life together!

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