Boxed Lunch Work Fun

I was in Seattle for work, so they provided us boxed lunches during our training. The first day was from Gretchen’s Shoebox. It’s a cute name. It’s a jam packed box. This was a turkey sandwich with swiss. There wasn’t enough turkey and the sourdough bread was a bit on the tough side. It was hard to eat and rather boring. Also included were some Tim’s chips, a fruit salad, bottled water, and a cookie. I preferred everything aside from the sandwich.
The next morning, S brought in some donuts from Top Pot. It’s a local Seattle chain.
My goodness. I did not even try any of these because they look too darn hardcore for me. I actually prefer very simple donuts, like just plain cake or plain cinnamon. But everything in this box had a thick shellac of glaze or frosting or chocolate or cream and it just scared me. It probably would have given me a heart attack. So I skipped it, but it does look intense!
This day’s lunch was from the Firestation Deli. This boxed lunch was so much better! This sandwich was the california turkey: served on soft sourdough with turkey, home made ranch dressing, bacon, avocado, shredded lettuce, and tomato. I absolutely loved this sandwich. I devoured it! It also came with Tim’s chips, a cookie, bottled water, and apple slices, along with a germ x soft wipe, which I thought was a most excellent touch.

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Boxed Lunch Work Fun
  1. Those donuts look awesome! I would have had 2! About Box Lunches…I find that some caterers are really good at this and that some really good caterers are not as it is not their forte but they do it out of necessity. I always encourage caterers to add something regional or different as a side to the sandwich…instead of chips. Fresh fruit is always welcome. Thanks for the post!

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