Cheesesteaks At Tony Luke’s

Sometimes, I just end up spending an evening doing something completely impromptu that I not only did I not plan on doing, but wouldn’t necessarily want to do. But then I got invited, extremely last minute, to go to a Lady Gaga concert. Yeah, seriously. I love me some music, but when I think concert, I think small club in the city with the band and 50 or so of their possible fans, not giant, mega productions. But sometimes when random opportunities happen, you just have to let it happen. And this is how you end up at Tony Luke’s to fill the belly before attending such a spontaneous event. I’ve never been to this place before, which is pretty much under the highway somewhat near the stadiums. They have their own parking lot though, which is a big plus. And it’s lit up like the vegas strip, in case you really want to wear your sunglasses at night.
Here is C’s sliced roast beef with broccoli rabe, which looks delicious. I realized that this place is probably better known for their roast beef or italian roast pork sandwiches.
Well that was too bad because I had just ordered a cheesesteak! And you know what? This was a perfectly respectable cheesesteak. It’s certainly a thousand times better than crappy Pat’s or Geno’s, but it’s certainly not the cheesesteak awesomeness that is D’Alessandro’s. It didn’t come with nearly enough onions. Don’t skimp on the onions! But as far as cheesesteaks go, this one’s not bad! Oh, and sorry, but my blackberry takes terrible pictures!
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