Flying Back From Seattle Was So Much Better

My flight back from Seattle was absolutely flawless. Seriously. We left on time, there were no issues in the air, and we arrived a bit early. Really, there’s not much more I could have asked for, other than getting upgraded again. That didn’t happen, but I had the exit row seat right where the door is, so I had tons of room in front of me. I got one of the cheese and fruit plates, which I’ve gotten before on US Airways and enjoyed. This one was also fine, but amongst the strawberries, one of them was visibly moldy. The other ones were perfect though, and also ripe. Everything else was fine too.

I also started reading another food related book, Cod. It’s all about the history of cod. Who knew this fish had such a tumultuous and fascinating history? It’s a quick read, and a pretty small and short book, so if you end up happening by it some time, give it a whirl! So the next time you have some fish and chips made of cod, you might appreciate it a little more.

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