Oktoberfest At Brauhaus Schmitz

There’s nothing like a roasting piglet on a spit to signify an Oktoberfest celebration. Or a man dressed in lederhosen. This poor little beast was the featured guest at the outdoor fest at Brauhaus Schmitz.
Even though H/A had apparently just eaten a giant slice of pizza at Lorenzo’s, he still got some kind of sausage. Yeah, I don’t know what kind this is, but I’m thinking meat or lamb. ┬áHe got some slaw and some potato salad too. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m a big fan of this potato salad now. It’s vinegary and awesome.
P got a random charred sausage from the grill. It came with a hunk of mouth cutting bread. So I have no idea what kind of sausage this is either, but I loved it. It’s pink, just pink. And I’m sure, formed with some mysterious concoction of random meats and meat parts. But it is absolutely delicious.
I got a giant pretzel. I mean really, it doesn’t get more “giant pretzel” than this! It was thick and dense and warm! And it was perfect for soaking up the beer… all that delicious beer in my commemorative Oktoberfest 2010 plastic stein!

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