Red Bull Flugtag And Pizza

The Red Bull Flugtag made its first visit to the Philadelphia area on Labor Day weekend. Grown people in costumes, attempting flight in home-made human-powered flying machines, jumping into the Delaware river… How could I miss this! Before heading over to the big NJ, we stopped for some giant slices at Soho Pizza. It was an absolutely perfect late summer day, so we dined al fresco. We didn’t even have any homeless people coming up to us.

Seriously, why is the pizza so good here? I don’t know! The crust is nice and thin but there’s still weight to it. The sauce is just right. I got a canadian bacon and pineapple slice. And it’s huge. And I gobbled it up. I also have a weakness for orange soda, as you can see. Really, this is one of my favorite places to get pizza, and you know I’m not even that into pizza.
On our way home on 76, we passed by this giant Turkey Hill Ice Cream cow. I wonder what its purpose is and where it’s going?
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Red Bull Flugtag And Pizza
  1. Sarah says:

    I LOVE Soho Pizza – definitely one of my favorite slices!

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