The Lola Bean – Fishtown

On my way to a crazy and impressive dance performance for the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, since I was near the neighborhood, I hopped over to the newly opened Lola Bean to check it out. It’s so cute! It looks like there’s a new condo building and this is in the downstairs. While the condo building is modern and sleek, the Lola Bean is quite whimsical.
The place is nice and colorful inside. There’s even a little loungey area with these funky upholstered chairs and tree stump tables. It’s owned and run by two women, and what can I say, it’s definitely got a feminine flair! I think it’s lovely.
The menu is not extensive, just a few select coffee drinks, and they have a few sweets as well. They will be adding more substantive food, like sandwiches and soup.
I was here the weekend that it opened, and the weather was actually cool enough to be able to enjoy a hot coffee. Here is my lovely latte, which I enjoyed immensely. And it was quite reasonably priced! It’s a great addition to the neighborhood.

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The Lola Bean – Fishtown
  1. natalie says:

    Nate, they’ve got standard table seating too, and a “bar” area that faces a garden. Lots of good laptop friendly corners!

  2. Interesting decor there. Not your normal coffee joint furniture. I’d be afraid to set my laptop down on the tree!

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