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Little known to S, my travelling companion, our first stop in Denver wasn’t going to be a hotel or a sit-down restaurant. No. We were going to go to a parking lot. Of a liquor store. To a hot dog cart. She couldn’t have guessed this in her wildest dreams. And I didn’t want to let her know where we were going, except the stupid GPS-voice lady let the cat out of the bag. Bitch. But if you leave trip planning to me, you know it’s going to be food-heavy. So we started our Colorado journey with Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs.
During the week this is normally downtown. But on the weekends, they stake out the parking lot of Argonaut Liquor, which by the way, also kicks ass. This is the kind of liquor store I would want to visit.
Biker Jim’s offers a variety of unique gourmet and exotic meat sausages. They try to use local ingredients when they can. The dogs are split and slightly charred. The standard fixins are cream cheese and caramelized onions. And the secret to caramelizing the onions? Cola. Yep. We saw him just pouring out some of his coke onto the onions. Now I have to try this! We weren’t sure what to order, so we asked for suggestions. S got the reindeer, which he recommended as the gateway sausage for first timers. It was delicious! It was smoky, not too spicy, just right.
I asked him to surprise me. He asked me whether I wanted sweet or spicy and I said sweet. So this is how I ended up with the wild boar sausage. Sweet is it! The meat is mild and tender and there are bits of apricot and cranberries inside to add even more sweet! I loved it. It was just what I wanted, but didn’t even know that I wanted. The dogs come on a bigger locally baked bun, but it’s not too big. In this case, it’s just right. Because the dogs are split in half, it’s also easy to eat. And I loved the cream cheese and onion combo. I didn’t even bother bastardizing it with any other condiments. We wanted to stay and try all the other types but we were already full from the one. But if we had been able to, we sure would have tried them all!

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