Crema Coffee House – Denver

For our second day in Denver, we decided to take in some nature, so we headed down to Colorado Springs to check out Garden of the Gods. Insert gratuitous nature shot here!!! This place is free, yo. And stunning. I love stuff colored like this, because it’s just unbelievable. And curiously enough, it was recommended to us by the car rental dude that helped me out. So thanks Enterprise guy!
Before we headed south, we stopped by the Five Points neighborhood to check out a cool little coffee shop called Crema Coffee House. It’s got cool stuff on the walls. It’s got a little loungey area too. And some outdoor seating.
See mr. barista here? He’s not just the barista, he’s Noah, the owner, operator, coffee extraordinaire. He was super nice and helpful. He even told us a spot for good tacos and where to go to check out some unique shops (1st and Broadway). The sticky bun we snarfed was also tasty. He warmed it up for us too. And not only was he nice, he was super patient when S wasn’t sure what she wanted to drink. So he gave her several samples so that she could figure out what to order. Ok, so we were the only ones there at the time. But still, the point is, he rocks.
And they had toddy coffee! You know I love me some cold brew, so I had to get it. And the weather was warm and sunny so it was perfect for an iced toddy. We loved this spot! If I was a local, I’d certainly be a regular!

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