Geez, Louise! Denver

Before we departed Denver for flatter and lamer pastures (yes, I’m talking to you Cheyenne, Wyoming), we stopped by Geez, Louise! Coffee House for some fuel. Check out the scantily clad mannequin that greets you outside! The inside is just as kooky. But it’s comfortable, like a weird person’s house. Colorful too.
But here’s what not to do. When the old guy working the register takes your order, don’t think that he’s paying attention to you. Because I repeated small decaf latte a good three or four times. Every time he said it back to me, he said small latte. It’s like he had a mental block! And ultimately, when I got my drink, it was indeed, not decaf. So instead of repeating something that will go ignored, just go hang at the area where the barista is actually making your coffee, and tell him. Because old man anti-decaf is not going to pay attention to you. But other than that major mishap, I have no complaints. They make a good coffee. Even if they don’t listen to you.

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