Positano’s Pizzeria – Still Avoiding Meat

For our one and only dinner in Ft. Collins, we still could not handle meat. And S wanted pizza. She’s crazy about pizza. I never knew this about her! So we checked out Positano’s in a random faceless stripmall. We showed up pretty late so not much was going on. They have a large dining area on the side but it was closed off already. It was pretty much just us and the two dudes working.
We got the 12″ Vedure vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, green pepper, red onion, black olives, artichoke hearts, fresh tomato, banana peppers, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese. It’s pretty beautiful, isn’t it? This place is pretty popular with the locals, and people rave about the dough, and now we can see why. It’s thin, but not like a super thin crispy crust. It’s still a bit doughey, but it’s not tons of dough. It’s not bready. We couldn’t quite put on fingers on it, but we both liked the dough a lot. For S, the pizza guru, she really enjoyed it. I really liked it too, even though I had to pick off the olives, artichokes, and the green pepper, since I don’t like those and I am a pain in the ass. And the pizza dudes were totally nice.
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Positano’s Pizzeria – Still Avoiding Meat
  1. Brian says:

    No olives, artichokes or green peppers?

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