Sky Cafe – Take Two

When B invited me to have lunch at Sky Cafe, of course I said hell yes! Take note people, Sky Cafe is closed on Thursdays. So do no try to go there and be disappointed. Luckily, we went on a wednesday. When I walked in, the waitress totally remembered me from my last visit! Yay! I love it when that happens. And I sat at the same table. Am I a regular now? So E has gone to Sky Cafe several times since our first visit, and she was raving about the fried wontons. And I was like, oh, whatever. Fried wontons, fried schmontons. Holy moly!!! These were pretty much some of the best fried anythings I’ve ever had in my life. So. Freakin. Good. We implore you, if you are at Sky Cafe, order these! You will love them too. They are crunchy yet chewy on the outside, and are just filled with delicious innards.
B’s rice dish with shrimp and a big fried egg. Simple and delicious. He thought his was better than mine. Oh, be forewarned, your shrimp will have their tails left on. So don’t freak out.

I wasn’t feeling a noodle soup that day, so I just got one of the flat noodle dishes with seafood. I love wide flat rice noodles like this. This was also simple and delicious. It wasn’t anything fancy, but still great, fresh, and super cheap. I also got one of their salads, to-go. Why? Because it’s amazing, and also because when you get one to-go, the spicy peanut dressing, they give you a giant container of it. And you can use it for whatever you want. And it will last because it’s a huge container! This place is great. Be sure to go so they’ll stick around!

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Sky Cafe – Take Two
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    I will have to check out Sky Cafe!

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