Spoons – Ft. Collins

We were still meat coma’d from our Rudy’s adventure, so both of us were only interested in non-meat items. We roamed the downtown area for awhile, and when we spotted Spoons, this soup and salad place, we decided to come back. It’s an adorable place that specializes in soups and salads! Simple enough! They have some sandwiches too.
They have some combo meals and that’s what we both ended up getting. S got the tomato basil soup and a special salad of the week, which had asiago cheese on it with a champagne vinaigrette.
I tried a few of the soups, including shrimp bisque and chicken and dumplings, but decided on the chicken tortilla. It was zesty and delicious. And my salad pick had apples and sliced almonds. You also get a giant hunk of freshly baked focaccia bread, which is quite good. This was a nice meat-free lunch option. The food is good and so are the prices and choices. And all the staff were very nice.

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