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We spent a little bit of time wandering around Pearl st and then got hungry. Through random searching, we ended up going on a decent walk to dine at Tibet Kitchen. The place seems mostly to be a take-out place, but there is a teeny area of indoor seating and also an outside patio area. Don’t go there for ambiance.
Every cuisine seems to have their own version of dumpling, and in Tibet, they’re called momo. These suckers are made from scratch and filled with chicken, cilantro, onion, scallion, garlic, and ginger. They’re served with a homemade hot sauce, that I might say is slightly on the mexican-ish side. These are hearty, tasty, and big! But they are generous with their ginger, so watch out.
Neither of us had ever tried tibetan food before, so we asked for recommendations. Our server recommended the thenthuk, which is a noodle soup with hand-pulled pasta. The pasta is a hand-pulled flat pasta, as in it’s a flat sheet and pieces are hand pulled from it, not pulled as in long skinny noodles. It is cooked in a choice of chicken, beef, or veggie based broth and served with baby bok choy, daikon, and spinach. The broth is barely spicy. S got the veggie version.
I got the beef version so mine also came with slices of beef. This was a nice and hearty soup. The broth is light but flavorful, and the noodles are a nice diversion from a typical long noodle. The fresh veggies were very welcomed ingredients. This was a great introduction to tibetan cuisine. Now I’m interested in trying more!

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