Bourbon House And Red Fish Grill – New Orleans

The next dinner outing ended up at another Dickie Brennan place – Bourbon House. We actually wanted to go to Acme Oyster House next door, but the line was literally around the block so there was no way that was happening. So we tried this place instead. It’s touristy too. It’s pretty big and cool looking. There’s a big oyster shucking area. But then they have a bunch of tv’s and show football. Ugh.
What the heck are these? I think it might be fried green tomatoes with some shrimp. Is that a normal combination?
Here’s a massive shrimp cocktail.
I was in a soupy mood so I got the corn and crab soup. Eh, it was pretty blah. None of us were particularly impressed with this place, so we just had some small bites, perhaps some drinks, and kept on moving.
So we walked a little bit and ended up at Red Fish Grill. Well, this is another Brennan restaurant, this time a Ralph Brennan place. Seriously, do these Brennans run all the restaurants here? At all the Brennan places, you get warm french bread that comes out in a paper bag. There’s pretty cool art at this spot, with lots of them being red fish. Shocking!
I told you I was only going to eat New Orleans food, and I wasn’t lying. I got the alligator sausage and seafood gumbo. This has creole county alligator sausage and seafood simmered in a rich dark roux flavored with onion, bell peppers, celery, and fresh herbs. It’s served with a little bit of rice and it was great. And just to turn this completely into unhealthy food, I got the shrimp and corn beignets. Ok these were like huge and amazing and drizzled with a horseradish gastrique and also served with tomato tossed arugula. Whoa. I could barely eat one of these. I think I felt my arteries clogging. I had to keep eating the arugula just to make sure I didn’t die. We had a crazy server, we all swear that she had to be on drugs in order to be that mellow. I’d definitely have to pick Red Fish Grill over Bourbon House.
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Bourbon House And Red Fish Grill – New Orleans
  1. Lauren says:

    Try Brigtsens in uptown next time. Bayona, Green Goddess, Royal St Deli, Satsuma Cafe. I just spent a week there, and I go every year. The best food seems to be out of tourist’s reach.

    • foodzings says:

      yeah, i was there for work and hung out with colleagues the whole time, so i couldn’t really get away to the non-touristy spots

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