Cafe Du Monde

One of the things I was most excited about was visiting Cafe Du Monde for new orleans style coffee and beignets. I hopped on down to the original one to wait in a long ass line.
It doesn’t matter when you go here, it’s going to be busy. There’s table service and also a take-out line. Either way, you’re going to wait. It’s crazy and crowded and the servers run around all over the place.
The beignets come in orders of three and they’re surprisingly large and puffy, yet dense. Oh man, when these come out all hot and greasy, you can’t help but scarf them down. It comes with a shocking heap of powdered sugar on top. The funniest thing is that everyone that’s here gets powdered sugar all over their laps. The servers have it all over their entire bodies, it’s rather hilarious. It’s like a rite of passage, getting powdery white stuff all over you. If I had easy access to this place, I’d surely be 1000 lbs.

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