Magnolia Grill – New Orleans

I had to go to New Orleans for work and had a little bit of time to roam around on the weekend. After unsuccessfully trying to dine at Eat, we ended up at Magnolia Grill. They bill themselves as a diner. We even sat at the counter. It’s nothing fancy, but cute and inviting on the inside. There’s some outdoor seating too.
The blackened shrimp po boy. We sure did have our share of po boys while we were here. It’s super simple, just a bunch of blackened shrimp inside french bread, served with lettuce and tomato. It’s simple and good.
I vowed to myself that while I was in New Orleans, I would only eat New Orleans cuisine. So here we have the crawfish etouffee. I liked this but this was probably the most authentic etouffee I’ve ever had, so I was surprised by how strong and seafood-y it was. It made me realize how weak the other etouffees I’ve had had been. It’s probably all in the roux. It’s not fancy food here, just good food at decent prices. It’s a nice and casual option.

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