Shanghai Mama’s – Cincinnati

For my last night in Cincinnati, I was craving pho. I felt like crap, it was super cold, and I just wanted a hot bowl of noodles in some soup. But apparently, there are no vietnamese spots in Cincinnati. At least not near me at least. So I went for a quick walk to Shanghai Mama’s. This place is really cool looking, in a strange sort of way. It’s dark with lots of red, and I keep thinking opium den. Ha. They’re open late on the weekends so I’m sure there are lots of characters there at 2 in the morning.
I asked the bartender what he recommended and when I told him I wanted a noodle soup, he recommended the rib noodle soup. The ribs were just fine, and so was the soup, but these noodles were amazing! From the texture of these, I could totally tell these were fresh and handmade. I asked the bartender if they were handmade and he confirmed that they were. I told him to tell whoever made the noodles that I was a big fan. I didn’t realize until just now that the menu said “featuring homemade noodles”. Now it all makes sense! This is quality stuff. If you’re a noodle whore like I am, then stop here!

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