Cafe Little Europa

When I go to random places for work, I like to make sure to eat at places that I typically wouldn’t be able to at home. So when I found this little german place, Cafe Little Europa, it was like jackpot. It’s in Brookfield, CT, pretty much near nothing else. And when you go in, it’s like you’re in somebody’s little cabin in the german countryside. And it was funny, I was the only diner there the whole time, and I felt like I was intruding on their family time. They were putting up christmas decorations while I was there. I got to sit wherever I wanted!
All entrees come with a salad. Whatever this house balsamic dressing was, I was crazy about it. I wish I could find stuff l ike this in the store.For my entree, I got the sampler III that had stuffed cabbage, goulash, spaetzle, and red cabbage. Everything was delicious! I especially enjoyed the goulash and the red cabbage the most. But in all, this food was great.
It’s a kitschy and adorable place to visit. And everyone there was super nice. So do stop by!

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