Do Not Order Chinese Food At A Vietnamese Restaurant

I’ve been blogging for awhile and I’ve been eating for my entire life, but I don’t claim to actually know anything about food. I just like it a lot. And even though I don’t know much, there are a few food-related rules I follow. One of them would be to not order chinese food at a vietnamese restaurant. I warned J, but he did not listen. And that’s how he ended up with the worst sweet and sour chicken dish in the world at Anh Hong Pho & Cafe. I tasted it and it was sort of strangely sweet but not sour at all. And I didn’t taste the chicken, but he said it tasted like processed chicken product, not even real hunks of chicken. It was just bizarre. And the onions were pretty much raw. Not good at all. In fact, it was bad.
I ordered the pho with brisket. Oh dear. This is the fattiest and gristliest “brisket” I’ve ever had in pho. And frankly, this meat was hard to eat and hardly worth eating. It really was mostly fat. And the broth was pretty mediocre. So I can’t particularly recommend this place for pho. It’s just not the pho for me. But let me say it again, their vermicelli bowls are awesome. And I will get those over and over again here. But the pho? Skip it. And definitely skip any of the chinese dishes!

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Do Not Order Chinese Food At A Vietnamese Restaurant
  1. brian says:

    haha that chicken definitely doesn’t look that great…

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