Empire Of The Incas Restaurant

Who knew that I would end up at a peruvian restaurant in a random town in connecticut? Certainly not me. Empire of the Incas Restaurant is in the teeniest least attractive strip mall ever. When I arrived, there were a few people at the bar, but I was the only person in the dining room. Awkward.
I didn’t know toasted bread and butter was peruvian. Well, these peruvians made some damn tasty toast!
I asked the server for some recommendations and he told me that this papas (potato) dish would be excellent. Sorry, I forget the actual name of it. Man, was this thing amazing. It was like football shaped mashed potato that they fried on the outside and then filled on the inside with delicious meat, funny colored hard-boiled egg, and supposedly olives. I did not taste any olives. It was awesome, even though the inside was a little bit cold, but perhaps it was supposed to be that way. And they served an amazing green hot sauce, probably made with habanero. There was also an onion salad. I figure if you slice something up, put a little lime on it, and chop some cilantro onto it, it becomes a salad?
So I ended up with a seafood rice dish for my entree, which the server also recommended. It may be called arroz con mariscos, if I was to take an educated guess. Man, this thing is huge. I barely made a dent in it. It’s basically like a paella with mixed seafood and peas. It was pretty good and had tons of seafood in it. I liked it but it wasn’t mindblowing or anything. The appetizer is really what got me. I could eat that all day long. The server was very nice but not particularly attentive. I guess since I was the only diner, he just decided to leave me alone.

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