Ethiopian At Almaz

Have you ever seen a live show at the first unitarian side chapel? Well, you should, as it’s my favorite live music venue in all of philadelphia. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get back to talking about food. Before going to the show, we stopped by Almaz Cafe for some ethiopian food. You know the place, or don’t you? You’ve probably passed it dozens of times and thought, oh, look, a coffee / sandwich shop. Little did you know there’s ethiopian food inside!
There’s a chicken dish in the back and a lamb special in the front. Since this is the kind of food that is shared, everything is put on one big plate, with the accompanying cabbage, greens, and other bean type things. The lamb wasn’t all that exciting as it was a bit bland. The onions were the best part. The chicken was much more exciting and flavorful. The side dishes were all pretty good, especially the cabbage. I love me some african cabbage. And I don’t typically care for greens and I didn’t much care for these, as they were pretty bitter. We were the only people dining in the little upstairs room. The guy was super nice to us and the food came out pretty quick. If you’re wanting ethiopian food in center city without the waits typical of the west philly spots, Almaz is the place for you.
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