Korean Thanksgiving

We didn’t have turkey and stuffing and all that jazz this year. We decided to have a korean thanksgiving, which just means that on thanksgiving day, we ate korean food. Like these chicken wings. But oh, wait, these aren’t particularly korean. Heck, who’s keeping score?
But these spicy pork baby back ribs are definitely korean!
And so is this kalbi stew. There’s nothing non-korean about this.

It wasn’t just a meat fest though, we even had some fish.
Don’t worry, we didn’t only just eat the flesh of beasts. My aunt also made some japchae. She claimed that it was the best japchae ever. And well, she was kind of right. It was pretty damn good. Oh, but there was meat in this, but only a little.
More flesh! It’s fish again, but it’s dried and flattened and cut into strips and marinated with spices.
Last of the flesh, I swear! There’s some fish cake type stuff on the right, and the ones on the left are zucchini. Finally, we get some darn vegetables in this meal! Man, I ate a lot of the fish ones. I don’t remember eating any of the zucchini ones. Oops.
Some more veggies. There’s absolutely no animal product in this, I promise. And I didn’t eat any of this either, I promise.
And well, you really can’t call a meal korean if there isn’t kimchi involved. So of course, we had plenty. I ate some of this, and it definitely has vegetables in it. So finally, proof that I ate vegetables on thanksgiving!

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