Pho Vietnam – Danbury CT

I had one last business trip this year, to Danbury, CT, of all places. It was super cold, and you know what happens when it’s cold. Yes, I want to eat soup. And if it has noodles in it, that’s even better. So I found Pho Vietnam in a random little strip mall. It’s very small. The decor is not appealing, but who cares.
I had to have some cha gio fried rolls. They make their’s quite long and skinny. Good stuff.
I was being a bit of a goober so I ordered the Pho Sizzle because the name is ridiculous, and because it had marinated grilled steak on top of the pho. I don’t know how much difference this type of meat made, but this was a good little bowl of pho. And I do mean little. They say it’s a large, but it’s really not. But I forgive them, as this isn’t one of those utilitarian pho joints. It is a proper vietnamese restaurant, that happens to serve pho. And it’s good pho too. And for the smallish bowl, it’s not cheap either. But again, this is trying to be a classy place. I also asked for a little bowl of rice. The server asked me if I knew that pho already had noodles in it. I told her yes. You should all do this too, because dipping rice into pho broth is pretty darn amazing. If you’re in Danbury and need a pho fix, here you have it.

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