Ramen Fest At Katana-Ya

Being from Philly where there are no ramen spots to be had, whenever I’m at a place where they have such a glorious thing, I try to take advantage. So I was back at Katana-Ya. Here’s the veggie ramen with miso broth. Pretty freakin gorgeous, eh?
I also somehow ended up with a veggie ramen. But mine was much more firey. I got the spicy tofu ramen, which had a crapton of kimchi in it, and tofu, and awesomeness. And this bowl was crazy big. It was about the size of my torso. Yeah, that’s right, I ate my torso worth of ramen. And it was wondrous!

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Ramen Fest At Katana-Ya
  1. Brian says:

    hahah love it!!

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