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For christmas eve dinner, my aunt made a korean pork belly dish. Did you know that koreans are crazy about pork belly? Well, they are. I really wasn’t into this at all, but I did document it all so that you can witness. In the end, it ended up as little pork belly cabbage wraps.
Take some pork belly and cut it up into hunks that will fit into your steamer.
You can throw some of the onion skin into the water for the steamer. Then on top of the pork belly, you can throw in some sliced onions and sliced ginger. Then you steam this for awhile.
While that’s steaming, you can make some of the accompaniments. Oh, and also, get some napa cabbage already. You should try to use the inner leaves. And make up some fresh julienned radish kimchi. This has daikon, scallions, garlic, kochukaru, salt, and raw oysters.
There was also fish sauce in it. Let this sit for awhile to soak in all the salty flavors.
They also concocted another condiment. This stuff had little teeny salted shrimp, chopped jalapenos, and kochukaru.
And here are the final components. You take a leaf of the cabbage and stick a piece or two of the pork belly on it. Then you add some of the fresh daikon kimchi and a bit of that shrimp condiment. Wrap it up, then eat it. Everybody loved it, but it’s not really something that I was into. The pork is really porky, if you know what I mean by that, and I would have much preferred it to be grilled. Also, the pork belly had little bones in it. My mom said the bones would be mushy. She lied! They’re proper bones and they’re crunchy. Don’t worry, I didn’t starve, I ate some leftover tofu dish that my aunt had made the other day, and then later on that night, guests came over and the party snacks came out!

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Steamed Korean Pork Belly – Bossam
  1. albert says:

    you’re crazy! it’s sooooo good. i had some at New Year’s when i went home. i get it at the H-Mart when I’m there. so good with the salted shrimp.

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