Tacos In Norristown – La Michoacana

When in the burbs, one of the few places to get decent mexican food is at La Michoacana in Norristown. Some of you might be afraid, but really, it’s not that scary in Norristown. Especially in the middle of the day, one should not be scared.Requisite chips and salsas… the red one was a bit spicy, the green one was meh, and the pico de gallo was nice and fresh.
The milanesa torta… it’s weird getting french fries with mexican food, isn’t it? The menu says mexican french fries but these are just regular french fries to me. This is a breaded flattened steak served with lettuce, mayo, and jalapenos. It’s a perfectly good sandwich, but nothing particularly mexican or exciting. Also, if your doctor tells you to not eat red meat, then don’t order this sandwich.
The three taco platter with rice and beans. I ordered the al pastor but there wasn’t any pineapple on it, which was sadly disappointing. But there were a bunch of onions. Did they run out? Did they think I wouldn’t notice the difference between pineapple and onion? Did I order something else? They weren’t altogether all that exciting, but I did like them ok and I love their rice and beans. Service was fine and their festive and colorful decor is always cheery. We didn’t have the best food that day but it’s still better than most mexican-ish food that you’ll find in the burbs.

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