The Blue Fig

It may be hard to believe, but since the last time I was in SF, at least 5 new coffee shops have opened up, in the Mission alone. You would think there’s no need for more, but they just keep popping up. And I only went down Valencia, so who knows how many more there are in other places. We stopped in BlueFig because it was small and unassuming. There is a barista, but we kept seeing a few people in chef’s outfits. We were confused. But they do have quite a food menu as well. Apparently, it’s a big lunch spot.We did not try any of the food. But we did have a coffee, a latte, and a spice cookie of some kind. They were all just fine. This place is small, cute, and unpretentious. I’ll be honest. We wanted to go to The Summit, down the street, but the place was packed to the hipster gills. I’d never seen so many Macs outside of the Apple Store. But this place was a nice diversion.

The Blue Fig
990 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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