H Mart Japanese

I often don’t feel like cooking, so one of the easy ways out is the H Mart food court. Here is the pork tonkatsu with a couple of fried shrimp from the sushi joint. Oh, and also a smattering of fried dumplings. And these strange round potato type croquette things. We had no idea what they were. There was also some obligatory salad with ginger dressing, rice, and miso soup. The ginger dressing was not very good. The pork cutlet and the shrimp were fine, but the sauce for the tonkatsu was unpleasantly sweet. If you want good tonkatsu from the H Mart food court, go to the other place that serves tonkatsu, even though I can’t go there anymore ever since the food taking 45 minutes incident.
I’ve never actually gotten the food from the sushi place before. My mom nearly always gets food from there, and I always remark that it looks good, but then I never get it. Well, I was craving udon, so I actually decided to take the plunge! I got the udon with a california roll. California roll – good! Udon – good! It’s not the most exciting, but it’s a good deal for a nice hot bowl of udon soup and a fresh california roll.

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