How To Feed Scallops To Your Personal Shopper

One thing I love doing is helping people spend their money. This way, it’s free for me, and I get to live vicariously through their purchases. So after I helped P drop a bunch of dough on some threads, he fed me at Legal. He got their lobster lover deal thing. It’s a lobster! He got broccoli with cheese and mashed potato as his two sides.
It also came with a cup of their famed clam chowder. Their rolls are pretty darn good too.
And to round out the lobster deal, an amazing slice of cheesecake. Now I like cheesecake, but it’s not like I know much about it. But hot damn, this cheesecake was good! The texture was luxuriously creamy and it shocked me how good it was. Maybe I was expecting something mediocre, but mediocre this was not! We were both surprised by this.
I had the grilled scallops, because I am boring and unimaginative when it comes to eating here. This is what I always get because I know it will be good every stinkin time. And true to form, these were great. Sorry for being so predictable!

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