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It felt like I hadn’t eaten out in along time. And in a way, it was true. After all the holiday meals with family and post-holiday happenings that were not conducive for dining out, we finally had to escape. We went to Saffron again. I do not remember the menu looking this nice. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention last time.Although their plain naan is fine, I wanted to try something truly different. This is the spinach and cheese naan, and frankly, this is now my favorite kind of naan. Fresh spinach and ooey gooey mozzarella. This is seriously good.
J’s favorite dish, the kadai paneer makhani. Homemade cheese with green bell peppers and onions in a sweet and tangy tomato based sauce. I have to agree, this dish is pretty amazing.
I got the chicken korma because it’s one of those dishes I like to try at any and all indian restaurants. It’s really good at Saffron, but perhaps a bit on the safe side. They use really good quality ingredients here. And they don’t skimp with the rice either. They’ll bring out piles of it for you, if you ask.
Mango lassi and the rice pudding. I think this is the rice pudding they kept on trying to push on us last time. Both are good. But since I’m not a dessert person, I don’t really know. And on a thursday night, this place was still hopping. That makes me happy.
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