Xmas Dinner

Our family christmas feast seemed like a near carbon copy of our thanksgiving feast.
We had the kalbi stew, again.
We had chicken wings, again. But this time, they were a tiny bit burnt. Thanks toaster oven!
Yep, here’s the japchae, again. We’re like a broken record, right?
Kimchi, because no korean meal is ever complete without it.
Oh wait! Something different! Tempura shrimp! We did not have this at thanksgiving.
And more! Ddukpokki, which is one of my favorite korean foods, ever! My aunt’s friend A made it, and she makes some of the best darn ddukpokki this side of the east china sea.
And christmas cookies, courtesy of my cousin’s girl. We certainly did not have christmas cookies at thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a nice holiday season this year!

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