PDX Food Cart Crawl!

Portland is a town where food carts and trucks abound. They’re just about everywhere, and there are special areas designated for them. In the southeast, there are a plethora of these “pods”. So what did I do while I was there? I went on a food cart crawl with B! First, we stopped at D-Street Noshery. Yeah, these pods even have names! And I got me an Awesome Cone. What’s Awesome Cone? They take a waffle cone and put food in it. It’s as simple as that.
A few of the options of the night were already sold out, so I had to go with the chicken and dumplings awesome cone. And yes folks, this is exactly what it is. It’s a bigass waffle cone filled with a heaping helping of homemade chicken and dumplings. It was delicious! The waffle cone itself is sweet, which is a slightly bizarro contrast to the savory filling, but I liked it. It’s actually like having your dessert included with your entree. After you’re done heaping out the chicken and dumplings, you eat your waffle as dessert. They make the waffle cone to order, which takes a surprisingly long time, so these aren’t exactly fast food. I wonder how long of a wait there is when there’s an actual line of people. I don’t want to know!
We also stopped at this adorable mac & cheese cart. Everything is made is small batches, so sometimes, you have to wait, like we did. But that’s ok.
Mmm… my mac & cheese with fresh tomato topping. Creamy and delicious!
There was also an arepa truck where B got a veggie one. It smelled and tasted amazing!
There is also Oregon Soup Works, which is the soup version of Oregon Ice Works. They make 2 fresh soups a night. They were also decked out with all kinds of philly sports decals, so represent!
Pie! Where do all these cute little carts / trucks / trailers come from?
The best thing about these pods is that they actually provide seating! And it’s somewhat covered! You could even get a draft beer from this little truck. It is Oregon, after all!
Next stop – SE 43rd and Belmont. This was another pod with many more occupants. Lucille’s Balls. Hee! They make meatballs! Sadly, I think they just closed.
Euro Trash, definitely the most technicolored truck of the bunch. They serve a wide variety of food with some random european influences.
You gotta have a hot dog cart!
Lardo wins for having the cutest little food cart known to man. And for making everything with lard.
Their delicious and hot lardo fries, sprinkled with cheese and rosemary and salt. It’s served with a little curry ketchup. Yay! I was already stuffed at this point, with the giant cone full of chicken and dumplings and all that mac & cheese, but lard was calling!Last up, we went to Cartopia, at SE 12th and Hawthorne. There are only about a handful of big trucks here, but we mainly stopped by to go to Whiffies Fried Pies so B could get a couple of mini sweet pies, to go. They have savory and sweet pies and they’re mini individual pies. Alas, my weak and tiny stomach could not partake of any more food. Until next time!

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