Sad Airport Dinner – Celebrity Sighting Included

Trying to get to Albany for work, I ended up spending about six hours at the airport. This is not a fun thing. If I had known my plane would be delayed for 5 hours, I could have stayed at home and eaten dinner there. Oh well. There’s a Legal Sea Foods there now, which is pretty decent, considering the other (lack of) options. This day was a particularly horrible day of travel, and for once, not because of the weather in Philly. So Legal was spectacularly full. My clam chowder.
My salad which pretty much was just sad. The best part of the salad was the cherry tomato halves, and there were only about 3 of them. Trust me, I counted.
At least this key lime pie was delicious! It was definitely the highlight of this otherwise sad meal. The other highlight was seeing Tony Dungy as I was eating. He came up to the entrance with his entourage, talked to the hostess for a bit, and then they ended up leaving. But it was surely him! The waitress gave me someone else’s bill, but I’m not going to slight her for it, she was probably waiting on 20 different parties.

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