Improvised Korean Pancakes – See I Told You How Much She Does Not Care

So typically, my mom makes korean pancakes, pajeon, with chives. This time, she didn’t have any, so she made it with zucchini instead. I think there’s some scallions and onions in there too. This one might have some chopped baby shrimp in here too.
So she took a couple of zucchini and diced it into thin short strips. She added some chopped scallion and a handful of very finely sliced onions. Then put in some packaged korean pancake mis and add the recommended amount of water, per the package’s instructions.Yep, that’s it. But really, you can put whatever you want in your pancake. Add your favorite diced vegetables, add seafood, add kimchi, add meat, add oysters, add whatever! You should experiment, you might ending up coming up with a deliciously odd korean style pancake.
Then just pan fry them with a bit of oil. You could make a big one and then cut it into bite sized pieces, or you can just make many little bite sized pancakes. I prefer my pajeon to be thinner and crisp on the outside. Others like them thicker and mushier on the inside. Just cook them the way you like them!

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