Japanese Fast Food With Family

My brother lives near this japanese market in columbus, so that’s where we do a lot of the grocery shopping, that and the korean market nearby. This also has a little eat-in japanese food restaurant as well, tensuke express. And people, they have ramen.
My mom and my bro both got the combo meal of beef bowl and soba. If you need more food after this, then I certainly hope you are a sumo wrestler.
My sis-in-law got the pork cutlet. I think that’s her standard order. It comes with miso soup and a heap of colorful veggies. I really like that they try to sneak you into eating some veggies with your giant hunk of pork.
As for me, I had to get my ramen in, while I could, so I got the kimchi ramen. And yes, it was delicious! This place is one of the few reasons that I’m glad my brother lives in columbus!

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