My Mom’s Hamburger – She Still Does Not Care

So I have talked before about my mom’s “hamburger” dish. It is not actually a hamburger, nor is it anything like japanese hambagu or hamburg. It is just something my mom came up with a long time ago. So here’s another non-recipe!
For whatever reason, we have a mix of meats this time. Typically, I think she does all beef, but in this instance, we have a half a pound of ground beef and a half a pound of ground pork.
Take a few carrots, peel them, and then chop them into very fine bits. Here, my mom, with her fine fine knife skills, has julienned the carrots first into really thin juliennes, and then chopped those even further.
Here are a few small onions. Chop these really finely too!
Add some plain breadcrumbs.Finally, add a couple of eggs! Mix it all together! That’s it. Then you can make them into little patties and pan fry them. This also freezes well so you can freeze the mixture and then defrost it for whenever you’re ready to cook them up. I think this is something that kids would definitely love!

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My Mom’s Hamburger – She Still Does Not Care
  1. chelly says:

    My mom makes it very similar to yours. When she reheats it we get it dipped in egg. Same with kimbop everything is better reheated in the pan after being dipped in egg!

  2. Su-Lin says:

    Not just kids – me too! This looks wonderful. I bet they pack well for lunches.

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