Oxtail Soup – More Who Cares Cooking

Let’s move onto another of my mom’s non-recipe dishes. This time, we’re making oxtail soup. What’s oxtail soup? Well, it’s exactly like it sounds. It’s soup made from the oxtail. Again, no recipes! No measurement! Just more of who the heck cares? Get a package of oxtails from your local grocer, it’s probably easier to find at asian groceries, and soak it in cold water for awhile to let the blood out. It will become considerably less deep red than before. You can also get rid of any obvious fat.
Eventually, throw these into a big pot with water and boil, boil, boil!
After a good hearty boil, dump all of the water out and leave the oxtails in. Wipe away any of the foam that may be left behind.
Fill the big pot back with water and put it back on the burner. And start heating.
While it’s heating up, add a whole raw onion. Nothing else, just add an onion.
Cover and let it simmer for hours and hours and hours. Just let it cook and cook and cook. And eventually, it will be ready! You can tear the meat off of the oxtails and then discard the bone bits. Remember, this has nothing in it except water, oxtail, and a whole onion. So whoever is eating it can add salt, pepper, and scallions to their liking. It’s really up to the eater to add what they want. Typically, it’s eaten with rice. It takes time, but it’s beyond simple to make!

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