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I had to go on a client visit to some people who make little hard shelled candy chocolates, so I ended up in Hackettstown, NJ. Yep, Hackettstown. Downtown Hackettstown actually has a few restaurants, so after some research, I decided to check out Stella G’s.
I started with the cream of potato soup. It was good. There wasn’t anything special about this, but it was solid. There were hunks of bacon in it and delicious bits of chive. The little piece of bread was also good.
I had spied this sandwich that intrigued me, so I was excited to get it. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work for me at all. This was the Stella G’s chicken sandwich with granny smith apples and avocados on moe’s apple bread crowned with provolone and caramel cider sauce. So there was thinly sliced chicken breast which was rather bland. Then the cooked apples were also bland. And the avocados weren’t very ripe, so they were just not buttery and bland. The sauce was interesting and the best part was the bread, but there was only one piece of it. So in all, not my thing at all. But the wafflecut chips were good and so was the random slightly asian-y slaw that came as a side. I think if everything hadn’t been so disappointingly bland, it could have been a good sandwich. Just shows how important good ingredients are!

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Stella G’s – Hackettstown
  1. Robins_nest says:

    I cannot believe this person thinks that Stella G’s is the only place in Hackettstown after 8pm where you can eat and claims to have done “research” on this! That is just wrong. Maybe next time, you will use Urbanspoon to really check on area restaurants where you will find Morely’s Grill; Pandam Room; El Mexicano, all on Main St. On Rte 57, there is “fast food alley,” flanked by a Japanese and Italian restaurants. A way’s east, you can find Maters Bistro (on Rte 517, in Alamuchy) and on Rte 46 east, the Pump House. Also, just off Main St., on Rte 46 west, is the Prickly Pear. Research is not everyone’s forte, but really, just driving around Hackettstown, you will find many places to eat, well into the night!

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