Yukgaejang – Who Cares Cooking With My Mom

One of my favorite korean dishes is yukgaejang, which is a spicy soup/stew with beef. It’s something that my grandmother used to make really well. I really miss hers. So when were in Columbus, my mom made some. So my mom is a lady who doesn’t know recipes and who doesn’t measure anything. So I can’t really help you there either. But you can get a general idea from this post. For actual recipes, google it!
In a large pot, combine a whole lot of blanched bean sprouts, some packaged fernbrake (that’s the brown stuff), and a lb of beef brisket that’s also been blanched a bit in hot water and cut into big hunks.
Cut up a handful of stalks of green onion into one inch pieces and blanch those. Add to the previous large pot.
Add in a handful of chopped garlic cloves.
Next up, slice an onion into thin slices and add. Then add some sesame oil. I’m not sure how much… maybe just a good dash?
Next up, add some korean hot pepper flakes, kochukaru. I think how much depends on how hot the flakes are and how hot you want the yukgaejang. I would guess it was like a heaping wooden spoonful.
Start mixing!
Add water to cover everything and start heating.
Add a bunch of chicken broth.

Add a dash of fish sauce,  a little bit of salt, and then heat this sucker on low heat for a long time. I’m talking hours. The meat will become really tender and you can shred it anytime along the cooking process.
Once ready to serve, you can heat up some clear noodles and then put a little bit of that in the bowl along with the yukgaejang. Then eat away along with some rice!

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Yukgaejang – Who Cares Cooking With My Mom
  1. Taylor says:

    I love these Mom recipes! And, yes, there’s no such thing as measuring, just, you know, “until it looks right.”

  2. Julia says:

    oooo! you’re korean! i was wondering about that cuz I noticed you went to a lot of korean restaurants! (im korean too, you have no idea how much i get teased for being a korean girl who takes pictures of what she eats)
    looks like im in your neck of the woods (Philly), just visiting and foodblogging before i head back down to Nola

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