Burgers At 500 Degrees – Case Of The Mixed Up Patties

After randomly walking into the Kimmel Center and realizing that Philadelphia Orchestra power hour tickets were on sale, we picked some up and then set out to find something to eat, quick. Um… so… around the Kimmel Center, I never really know where to eat. The hostess at Monk’s was a haughty hipster snot who couldn’t be bothered that we wanted to get a table. The Good Dog was filled with Phillies phans so that didn’t seem to be a viable option either. So we ended up walking around and ending up at 500 Degrees. It’s a burger joint! Well technically, they also serve shakes. But otherwise, it’s burgers and fries. So I ordered a cheeseburger with fried onions and sweet potato fries. These are fairly hefty burgers on a thick brioche bun. Also, the newly offered sweet potato fries are awesome. Seriously, I would say these are some of the best sweet potato fries to be found in all of Philadelphia. No foolin. They’re kind of rectangular. And they also carry this delicious cherry soda on the fountain. I drank a lot of it. But my burger was too raw for me. That’s not what I’d asked for.
Here’s where the case of the mixed up patties comes in. This is the burger with the truffle fries that was supposed to be cooked medium. The truffle fries were also pretty awesome, by the way. They are skinny shoestring type fries. But the burger was well done, with no pink in sight. And my burger, which was supposed to be done medium-well, was done almost medium, and it was very red. So yeah, not only did they mix up who wanted what, they further messed up medium-well to well. So halfway through being finished with the burgers, after I realized that I could no longer eat bloody burger, we switched patties. And then we were much happier. But not as happy as if they’d just come out correctly. Other than that litte (or not-so-little) snafu, the food itself was really good. Oh, J got a shake too, and he really liked it.

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