Fun With Lore’s Chocolate

I got invited to attend a sampling of a birthday party at Lore’s Chocolates. It’s designed for kids, so I brought Eve along. She loves her some chocolate so I thought she would be a perfect fit.
They have a shop on the ground floor and the “factory” part is downstairs. In this little factory party, kids get to make their own chocolate! There are vats of milk, dark, and white chocolate ready to be dipped, molded, and formed…You get to make some nonpareils. I always thought that the sprinkles were laid on top of the chocolate. Nope! The sprinkles are on the bottom and the chocolate is plopped on top. Who knew? Not this idiot!
Here’s Eve making some chocolate flower lollipops with milk and dark chocolate.
Let’s move on and get our I Love Lucy on! So this is a magical conveyor belt of chocolate… with chocolate on the bottom and chocolate flowing down from the top. You get a little box of different things to cover with chocolate, like marshmallows, animal crackers, and pretzels.
You can’t really tell but there’s chocolate on the bottom now!
After they get covered on top, you can put little designs on them. That’s where the swirls come from! Then they get cooled a bit more and move further down the conveyor belt until they’re ready to pack and eat! And you get to take home everything you make!

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Fun With Lore’s Chocolate
  1. Karla T says:

    So glad that you and Eve were able to come!

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