H Mart Dinners

When I don’t want to cook or have my mom cook, I love heading over to H Mart for something good and quick and hearty. Here are some selections. This is a random spicy pork stir-fry dish from monsieur tong tong. I mean, it was ok, but I wasn’t sure what type of cuisine this was supposed to be. It was pretty spicy.
here the tonkatsu from Monsieur Tong Tong. By far, this is their best dish, and probably some of my most favorite tonkatsu of all time. The piece of pork is absolutely huge and I really like their sauce. I could seriously eat this all the time.
My mom’s hwedupbap type of dish… with all kinds of shredded fresh veggies, imitation crab, fish eggs, and raw fish slices. Isn’t it colorful and beautiful? It tasted great too, except there were some bits of green stuff I did not like. I wasn’t quite sure what it was… it wasn’t exactly sesame leaves, but it wasn’t either. Whatever it was, I did not like!
A heaping bowl of chajangmyun, served with julienned cucumbers on top. For whatever reason, they always serve chajangmyun with cucumbers. I’d recommend all of these to try, except for the pork stir-fry. It’s ok, just not particularly interesting or great.

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H Mart Dinners
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