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I love me some Kanella, but hadn’t been there in awhile. Well, it was time to change all that. Here’s their houmous with pita. Damn y’all, this is so good. The houmous is smooth and creamy and zippy with just enough bite. The pita slices are warm and toasty and I love the fresh veggies that come with it. And it’s a nice healthy portion of it.
Here is the grilled halloumi and lounza sandwich. The halloumi is the cheese and lounza is ham. So it’s a cypriot style ham and cheese sandwich. It was filled with some veggies and served on this amazing grainy bread with all kinds of seeds all over it. I’m usually turned off by really healthy and grainy breads with visible nuts and seeds, but this was great.
The same bread came as toast with my Shaksouka. It is two poached eggs and a cumin scented tomato and pepper stew. Oh this thing is so amazing! It’s an amazing meal, any time of the day. The place was pretty crowded even though we were only seated a little before they technically closed for lunch. The service was friendly, but nothing comes out very fast. But that’s ok. This place is totally worth the wait!

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Latest Kanella Brunch
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