Han Dynasty Dinner

After the miracle berry tasting, we still needed some more food. We went to Han Dynasty, but with slight apprehension about our taste buds being messed up. But you know what? Hot liquid will negate the miracle berry’s effects. So we just doused our mouths with hot tea before the food came out. And oh yeah, don’t worry, that totally did the trick. K can’t do spicy food, like at all, so we asked for the food not spicy. Then Han came around just to make sure that we didn’t want things spicy. So basically, he made everything as not spicy as possible. But well, it was still spicy. But in the Han Dynasty world, it was not spicy. Here’s the dan dan mien. What hasn’t been said about these?They’re awesome.
And these spicy crunchy cucumbers. When I went to the monthly tasting awhile back, I remembered this dish as one of my favorites. I just love this. It’s just a bowl of cucumbers that are spicy and sweet and piquant. And when eaten with rice, it’s almost perfect. It’s almost confusing how flavorful a boring cucumber can become. Thanks Han!

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