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After nearly 12 hours of standing on my feet, and having a crap ass lunch, we were all ready for a real dinner. And there is no better way to put food in your belly than to do all-you-can-stuff brazilian style churrascaria. We tried to go to Texas De Brazil last year and there was a ridiculous wait. It was later in the evening so the wait was far less. So we finally made it.
They bring out warm pao de quiejo which is the brazilian style cheese bread. For whatever reason, these suckers are always good, even though all they are is slightly cheese flavored bread.
They also bring out fried bananas, which is normally one of my most favorite brazilian dishes of all time. These ones were only ok. One of these bowls, the bananas were just kinda warmed up. There was no frying. They were just warm bananas with cinnamon and sugar on it. I mean it was still good, but not really quite fried bananas. Not enough fryingto be called fried.
Even though this is a meat brought out on swords and sliced in front of you kind of place, I actually don’t prefer that stuff. I prefer the feijoada and the other items on the salad bar. I love me some feijoada and could eat this every day. It’s not the national dish of brazil just for no reason.
I love all the random things on the salad bar… all kinds of veggies, meats, cheeses, etc. You’ll always find beets. And there’s always lots of differently prepared tomatoes. Cured meats? You betcha. I thoroughly enjoyed this manchego cheese, even though we know that’s spanish. I did eat some of the meat… I particularly enjoyed the pork ribs. Nobody tried the sausage, the sausage slinger must feel bad with all the constant rejection. The chicken options were meh. But it’s always a good time at a churrascaria!

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Texas De Brazil
  1. Chad says:

    The bacon wrapped chicken was awesome!
    I do agree with you though, there are a lot of things on the salad bar that out shine the sword meat.

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