Too Much Food At Dim Sum Garden

Ever since my first visit to Dim Sum Garden, I’d been wanting to come back. And man, come back I did… by ordering way too much food for two people to eat. Maybe even for four. What was I thinking? The server suggested the pan fried soup dumplings, which are new. And how could I possibly say no? They’re just like they sound. Except they didn’t have much soup in them. But they were still pretty awesome. There’s the sweet and savory dumpling sauce and the vinegary ginger sauce. They’re both good, so just go with what you like.
The regular soup dumplings are still good and very soupy. But you can’t let them sit too long or it’ll be hard to get them off the paper. You’re bound to rip the dumpling and lose valuable soup that way.
The vegetable steamed buns are the flour based bread type buns and are filled with a mix of greens, black mushrooms, and tofu. We tried to get the meat filled ones but they were out. These did not seem too fresh. They weren’t particularly warm and they weren’t particularly soft. I think these had been sitting around a bit too long. And let’s face it, the veggies didn’t taste all that great to me.
Here are the pan fried pork and chive dumplings. I really liked these but J did not like the chive part. He is crazy. And we took the leftovers to go and they began to stink a strange stink. My suggestion is to just eat it all while hot and steamy.
Seriously though, there was way too much food even before the noodles came out. We could have probably done with two less dumpling dishes. But there was no way I was not going to order these, because I just love them so. The beef brisket noodles. These are thicker flour noodles and the hunks of beef are sweet, savory, and quite chinese five spicified. They come with some steamed baby bok choy and sprouts and I just can’t get enough of these. Service is ok here. The food just comes out as it’s ready. The flourescent lights can be a bit blinding but you can also entertain yourself watching the people go in and out of the Chinatown bus. But you just can’t beat the food here!
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Too Much Food At Dim Sum Garden
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